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It's about the astrology which is what some peoples get confused with astronomy. Jul 04, So what I'm missing here is the complete lack of inquisitive but critical thinking. The plain dismissal of many years standing human experience is not critical, but ignorant stance too - actually as ignorant, as the reading of contemporary horoscopes. Jul 05, The cutting edge of physics says the universe is built out of 'information', thus: Every single scientifically minded person.. The more in depth one goes with it, the more accurate it is.

A person can train in astrology for 20 years and still not see the final depth of it; it's accuracy and ability to predict increases in scope and subtlety as they learn more and more. It behaves like quantum statistical averaging. It cannot predict a given thing with finality, but it can predict a statistical leaning, which is all it was ever meant to do.

The depth of astrology is greater than what is in newspapers, making it easy to ridicule in ignorance. It is their origin point and has more depth of knowledge required to understand it, than any other field of inquiry. Astrology is for arrogant simpletons.

How You Might Come to Believe You've Been Abducted by an Alien

Astrology is total bullshit but I've known highly competent and educated people that buy into that crap. Every newspaper in the land has a section on astrology, yet few have anything at all on astronomy. A compendium of many faults of "science". Notice the emphasis on "regression analysis", as if that is so sophisticated anyone should believe the claims whether they're true or not. But the gullible are entranced by big words and that helps sell a lie. Note the casual but unproved, but definitely bad mouthing, "conclusion" that authoritarian parents should automatically believe astrology.

The abuse seen by "science' devotees here and elsewhere shows authoritarianism in raw form. And, remember, the gullible are swayed simply by something being in "the media".

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  • Some people think astrology is a science – here's why.

All it takes is to squelch all reports of astrology working and play up or lie about "science" working. No source anywhere tells you, for example, that back surgery leaves you so crippled afterward that you can't even clean yourself after going to the bathroom, you need someone to do it for you. Every single scientifically minded person.. What makes religionists and other looneys like julian so nervous about studies such as this is the fact that todays religions all have their roots in asstrology.

Jesus for instance is a sungod.

And entirely dependable if you are truly faithful. Of course he did nothing to alleviate the spiritualist meme itself. Consider that we grew up spending most of our time passively observing people who were only pretending to interact with each other, faking emotions, resolving complex social issues in between commercials and within the period of a half an hour or so.

How is this any different from expecting god to resolve these things for us? Is this the best way to wean the world off religion, or only the best available to us at the present?

I Kind of, Sort of Might, But Not Really, Believe in Astrology

Once upon a time, my employer ran a monthly news-letter. I was co-opted for a piece on amateur astronomy. Wasn't my best work, as I had to dumb it down even more than usual. Still, when the 'layout' arrived, each mention of 'astronomy' had morphed to 'astrology'. I was livid. When I quizzed the purblind Copy Editor, I discovered she'd gone with Word's auto-correcting speil-chequer.

And, literally, she could not see the harm. You may imagine my language when another 'astrological' version arrived. Yes, she'd corrected the document. Third time lucky, though. Nik, that's bizarre, what on earth is wrong with their spell-checkers? Man, I can only imagine how frustrating that must have been for you! Not a supporter of astrology, but to say that it hasn't been supported by studies is wrong.

Those studies that showed support may have been due to bad methodology or chance correlations, but there have been some. Another contributor to the popular belief in some scientific support for astrology may be the astronomical habit of continuing to refer to the imaginary constellations, particularly the zodiacal signs, rather than using coordinates. Also, there really are some slight differences in personalities according to birth time-of-year.

School year cutoffs affect whether one is six months ahead or six months behind the average age in beginning school, which affects sports aptitude. I have heard there are slight variations in schizophrenia prevalence by birth month as well, perhaps due to low marternal vitamin D. Jul 06, So you believe in astrology, why am I not surprised?

I must admit, the fact that idiots like you exist, has forced me to rethink the absurd and unthinkable. So zephyr are you a libra or a Sagittarius? Or a cancer maybe? Yeah that's it And if you had been born s of years ago when asstrology was invented would you have been influenced by the same forces as you were when you were born recently? No, because precession has moved those constellations and reoriented those forces.

If there are indeed forces within the solar system at work affecting our mood they have nothing to do with asstrology whose concepts and definitions do not change with the precession. It is similar to the difference between deism and theism. There may well be a deist god out there somewhere but it has nothing to do with the god of circumcisions and pork-shunners and rabbit cuds and missionary positions. THAT god doesn't exist. Similarly, the discipline based on the influence of stars and planets which are not where they are supposed to be, is a sham.

But so is chiropracty and look how successful that is. I don't understand, what did you actually want to tell here. Okay so far? They use formulae devised s of years ago. But asstrologers continue to use them anyway. This means that the signs have slipped one-tenth—or almost one whole month You will most likely find that once precession is taken into account, your zodiac sign is different.

And if you were born between November 29 and December 17, your sign is actually one you never saw in the newspaper. So I'm afraid, you're completely confused with historical matter here - and all people who upvoted you are apparently confused as well. I don't think so, ortero. Ghost is on the mark.

The Judeo-Christian religion is an 'astrotheological literary hybrid'. It's hijacked Egyptian astrology from over years ago. If the new age Aquarius doesn't get here sooner, these insane religious wars, where all sides are financed by same the global central banks, are liable to be the end of us. Zephyr is also an astrologist. Funny, but not surprising. For example, the vedian ganita considers the geometry of planets only and such a predictions could have some physical meaning. The astrology based on location of stars seems nonsensical for me.

Where you at Socratic-Skippy? Cher you starting to sound like you have been hanging out at the thunder-gods-mythology-plasma-space-magnet-creations site in your spare time. You are getting more weird all the time. You aren't going to be joining up with Nazis too are you? If you do I will have to let you go podna. Can't prove it yet but I think it's a matter of entropy. The most predacious species on the planet or in the 'biosphere' makes a nonlinear evolutionary transition from the lower "animalistic intelligence" to the higher or more potent "abstract intelligence".

Jul 07, Ummm, I think you need to work on you facts. Clarke "The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable. Interesting to note that the current 'year of the world' 'Anno Mundi' in Latin using the Hebrew calendar is AM "9 What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. The state-sponsored religions are the result of directed evolution - keeping what works and discarding what doesn't.

Intelligent design. People dealt with the natural elements every day and sought to influence them. Of course they would want new religions to offer the same benefits as the old. Sun worship, as zeitgeist noted, was the first religion.

Astrology is a Spiritual Science

The cross is the zodiac. More evidence that these religions are all brilliant fabrications. Captain Stumpy. Jul 08, Don't worry Captain Stupid, I have no intention of asking you to watch my kid. Jul 09, Captain, you might want to read what your commenting about otherwise you end up looking like a stalker troll without a clue, cause you just choked the chicken on that one hehehe The ancients were very proficient with their astronomy and astrology.

Jul 10, Captain, you might want to read what your commenting about otherwise you end up looking like a stalker troll without a clue, cause you just choked the chicken on that one hehehe Did I hear someone say "stalker troll without a clue"? I 1starred you above because you used a pseudoscience link as proof, not because you were incorrect. I guess your spark got retarded, huh? THat would be the proof, wouldn't it. Sign in. Forgot Password Registration.

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Your friend's email. Your email. I would like to subscribe to Science X Newsletter. In March, she wrote, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shared her birth time with the astrologer Arthur Lipp-Bonewits, who then shared her birth chart with the world, creating an online sensation. There is now a plethora of guidebooks for how to use astrology and witchcraft to advance left-wing causes. The first need is simply to find a way to be spiritual. People are always saying we live in a more secular age, but secularism never really comes.

Humans are transcendent creatures who have spiritual experiences and instinctively appeal to supernatural powers. Even in the most secular parts of society, there is great and unfulfilled spiritual yearning. Second, there is a widespread need to slow down, to escape the pace of life technology wants and to live at a human pace. Third, there is a widespread need to express alienation. Interest in the occult rises during periods of transition and disillusion.

Unpublished Study of Unaspected Planets (1975)

For many, the traditional organized religions are implicated in the existing power structures. Being occult is a way to announce that you stand on the fringe of society, that you stand against the patriarchy, against the heteronormative culture and against the structures of oppression.

Political alienation manifests itself in the alt-right and the energized radical left. It makes sense that it would manifest itself in the spiritual realm, too. Fourth is the need for identity markers. We live at a time when many of the traditional sources of identity ethnicity, rooted neighborhood are being erased. Astrology tells you who you are and what traits you have. When I hear people talk about astrology, this is how they are using it.

"Astrology: Science, Art, or Religion?" by Becca Tarnas & Matt Segall

Fifth is the desire to live within a coherent creed and community, but without having that creed impinge on your individual autonomy. Being an Orthodox Jew is a thick but binding life. The emerging spirituality is a hodgepodge spirituality. Each person borrows practices from, say, Native American, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish and SoulCycle traditions and blends them in a way he or she finds moving.

astrology religion and science Astrology religion and science
astrology religion and science Astrology religion and science
astrology religion and science Astrology religion and science
astrology religion and science Astrology religion and science
astrology religion and science Astrology religion and science
astrology religion and science Astrology religion and science

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