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You are generous and theatrical, but can sometimes become vain try to steal the spotlight. When Hank finds out he gets Bobby signed up for an upcoming competition. Virgos are organized and efficient. You are health conscious and into wellness and fitness. At your worst, you can become preachy and overly-critical. Hank and Kahn team up to create an all-inclusive mega grill for the upcoming Grill-Stravaganza. Libras love balance, in relationships and aesthetically.

Season 9, Episode 4. Peggy gets jealous of all the compliments Hank gets on the house and sets out to find her own way to contribute, bringing home a rare garden gnome. But is regaining control of his front yard worth the impact on Peggy. Your King of the Hill episode is Luanne Virgin 2. Sagittarius love exploring, adventuring, and truth-seeking. You are philosophical and dedicated, but can become argumentative and reckless. Lucky gets caught up hunting for a stump with a long family history while a slighted Luanne decides to go to prom with a year-old to make him jealous.

Capricorns are goal-oriented and resilient. You are ambitious and honest, but can come off as cold and elitist. Peggy is so determined to sell a house that she hires a group of actors to perform at the open house. Swept up in her success as only Peggy Hill can be, she accepts on the spot. Look deep within and remember everything happens for a reason so don't get too hung up or freak out about what you may discover. We are scaling it back, energy meter is sitting at Medium today.

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That solely depends on you because if you don't go with the flow today that energy meter can easily bump up into the hot position. There's a new vibe hitting us, it's Pisces season so with that is a mentality of "just go with it" have you ever tried to swim against the current? It does not work! It is still a time to get things done but you can't be stressing on, How to get on that path or are we going to mak Be positive, know what you want, know how to get it but flow with it don't be a tyrant, don't push If it's not time to go, then don't go!

Are you feeling the shift in energy as we enter into Pisces today!? Yesterday was lazy but today you should be feeling energized and ready to move forward. Today will be a positive day to get things done, it could be a simple hair cut you've been avoiding or a daunting task at home that you can't continue to sweep under the rug. Now I'm not saying this has to be a day full of chores, it's always important to use our imagination, find balance and do things that fulfill our h As you drift through Saturday, go with the flow, who knows where it might take you Get outside, spend time wit Available for rent or purchase, link below.

Follow the link below! Our planetary energy is HOT today!! Utilize this time to relax, enjoy the little things in life, and let the universe do the work. If you take the time to reflect and appreciate everything in life that brings you joy and happiness, you may come to a big realization today! Thank you to everyone who purchased the live stream or came out to the event last night at Liberate Hollywood! We had a great time transitioning through the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius with you!

Utilize this time to relax, enjoy the We have lots of astrological aspects affecting us! Aquarius does not want to move backwards- this eclipse will help us move forward and higher. Now is a time to let your ego deflate and listen to your spirit. Look deep inside and try to unders Sometimes we need to disconnect from something to realize that we really want it. Look deep inside and try to understand what you really want out of life and get excited for the adventure that lies ahead. We've taken it up a notch on this Valentines Day This Valentines day is going to be unpredictable to say the least, we may be feeling unsure and a little defeated Though we've been programmed to associate Valentines day with togetherness and needin Today might be a major let down.

If yo Hoppa till. Instead of forcing your way to your Truth, get quiet and notice what feels expansive. Go slowly towards your Yes.

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  8. At every Full Moon, two opposite signs are activated. This Moon in Sagittarius reflects the full light of the Sun in Gemini. Gemini energy is curious and lively. Gemini sends out scouts to find information, which Sagittarius then distills into the Truth. In the symbol, the lava explores the surface of the volcano. There are many directions to take.

    You are exploring. But which True pathway will you choose? How will you decipher between the many thoughts, opinions and facts that you are collecting? In the end you will go your own way. You will need to. But for a moment you may flow in many directions at once. Let it be okay and gather information as you go. So why did this volcano erupt in the first place? Where is all the pressure coming from? This Full Moon is intense because you are processing a build-up of pressure while at the same time trying to define your direction.

    The pressure comes from a slew of planets hovering along the Nodal axis. The Nodal axis represents your connection with your Future and Past selves. What have you learned and what will you learn? What is the big stuff that you are here to do? Remember, this is the pressure that caused the eruption. Something has to change so that you can best align with your future self and your Truth.

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    If you were a little child, how would you parent yourself? Would you live your life differently? How would you structure your day and how would you love yourself better? Use this question as the key that helps you deal with the pressure. Answer it so that you can set yourself up connect with your North Node purpose. Allow the volcano to erupt. Acknowledge the pressure and make appropriate changes that support you. Full Moon square Neptune The attic hides treasures. Your intuition can lead you to gold. You need to follow it through the trapdoor and past the cobwebs. Not all is as it seems. That means that you might be confused about which door to open.

    Full Moon conjunct Jupiter Batting a beach ball high into the air. Find the most positive thing you know and then push it higher. Optimism is a key. Gratitude is a key.


    Generosity is a key. You can play with these ideas and watch as your vibration gets higher and higher. There is fun to experience. Let you enthusiasm take you there. The 6 of Cups paired with the Page of Swords helps us step into the truth of who we are, says Brandon Alter …. Gemini or Gemini Rising A locomotive speeds along. This moment is less about decision making and more about your energy level. Have you already put down railroad tracks by making key decisions? If so, it might make sense to keep chugging along.

    Do things that help you maintain a high level of energy so that you can push through. Cancer or Cancer Rising Cotton balls. Pack yourself in a protective cushiony material. Make your life more soft and gentle. Does that mean that you need more space? Or time alone? Do you need to surround yourself with only the most caring of friends? Ask yourself what you need and be very self-accepting. You need kindness. Leo or Leo Rising A ferris wheel. You can be more analytical than usual. Organize your thoughts so that you have a vision for the view you want to see when you reach the top of the ferris wheel.

    Realistically understand that there will be times when you at the bottom. Reframe this normal rhythm of life so that you are confident no matter what. This is a powerful time as you can reach new levels in your work. If you want to maximize your impact, you might need to rev up those power tools. They are louder and a little more dangerous. Can you give yourself permission to be all that you can be? Libra or Libra Rising A bright light. The sun cuts through the fog. A sudden change in light can be shocking. Look up. Find your guiding light. What helps you feel purposeful and invigorated?

    Do those things.

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    Find a new way forward by revisiting your goals. Scorpio or Scorpio Rising Rain on the surface of the lake. Everything in life has a ripple effect. Journal about all of the ripples that are affecting you now. Are they ripples of emotions from childhood? Or tiny waves of energy from your environment? The more you can feel, the more you can heal, so take off your armor and be present to what is happening. Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising Wild horses galloping. When horses run in a herd, they are synchronized.

    They have to stick together. If you are feeling shut down in any way, remember your important relationships. Who do you trust to lead you in the right direction? You may need more spontaneous play and fun. Find your herd and run together. Capricorn or Capricorn Rising Sprinkling seeds in a garden. There are certain practical things you can do to prepare for your desired outcomes. Seeds need space, water, nutrients and sunlight. You have a few basic needs too. Focus on your health and organization routines and you will reap the rewards when the time is right.

    Aquarius or Aquarius Rising Balloons float above rooftops. Lift off and get up above it all. What lights you up? What do you need to nerd out on? There are ideas and dreams that can get you out of your own head. Pisces or Pisces Rising A plane lands on a runway. Arrive home to yourself. You have emotions that need to be tended to. You are being called upon for your innate generosity and benevolence. These are gifts that you need to share with the world.

    But before you can do that, you need to feel stable and emotionally secure. Come in for a landing and welcome yourself back home. Aries or Aries Rising Cutting down weeds. Nurture your best ideas. You can be mentally sharp right now, which will make you a very good leader. But along the path of leadership you can encounter self-doubt.

    These thoughts are the weeds. They are ready to be removed. Get all of your best tools ready so that you can spend some time getting your thoughts focused. Taurus or Taurus Rising Skipping rope. When you jump, you leave the ground and become airborne. In astrological terms earth is practicality and air is new ideas. Change it up. You will still be safe and secure. The 9 of Swords can help us make sense of our mind, and find new ways to transcend anxiety, says Brandon Alter …. Sandy Sitron explains how ….

    You flounder through a hazy field in early morning. Dewy grass folds under your bare feet. Your visibility is low. The smell of soil and flora overpowers. But you feel lost because there are no landmarks, just the sweet scent of the cloud that surrounds you. No breadcrumb trail of thoughts will lead you to a definite conclusion. Your brain is very active. There is a sense that you need to figure something out, but you are surrounded by fog and indecision. The answers are just out of reach. There are no landmarks or decisions in your sightline.

    But what you do have is a chance to change how you talk to yourself. This is a ripe opportunity to be with yourself and hear yourself. Instead of trying to get somewhere in the fog, ask some questions:. But the Gemini New Moon is in a tricky t-square with foggy Neptune and a potentially overzealous Jupiter. So you might think you have a clear idea, only to find that you got carried away in the moment. Instead of rushing forward, slow down and set careful intentions instead. You might choose to set intentions around these Gemini themes:.

    If you are experiencing mental discomfort aka too many thoughts swirling, lack of clarity , try to remember your values. What is the big picture purpose that can help guide you through the fog? If you are in a mental haze, try to connect with your intuition. The way to thrive is to listen to the cacophony of your thoughts without attachment. Enjoy the sensations of your present moment and accept where you are.

    Give yourself a new breadcrumb trail to follow. Set intentions that will help you think about yourself in a new way. New Moon square Neptune A gatekeeper who speaks in riddles. Do you feel stumped by an unanswerable riddle? If so, take your time. The riddle is a decoy. So just wait for the gatekeeper to take a bathroom beak, and then you can walk right past your confusion. New Moon opposition Jupiter A sundial. You are being asked to find your own inner guidance that will help you no matter what the external conditions are.

    To achieve this goal, you have to know your own truth and be motivated by your own values. Gemini or Gemini Rising Jumping on a trampoline. Thoughts may be jumping. You are all over the place, really. But with the right intention, you can begin to use this energy to help you leap higher than ever before. Keep it fun. This is just a pleasant backyard game, but if you get your timing right, you might leap up above the rooftops. Cancer or Cancer Rising A school of fish. The normal approach is to think, discuss and then act.

    See if you can work more intuitively and spontaneously. Feel into your decisions this week as if you are participating in a synchronized dance. Go with the flow and you might find that you are surrounded by reassuring support from others.

    Leo or Leo Rising Construction equipment. You have some heavy lifting to do. Instead of moving each brick with your bare hands, upgrade to some new equipment.

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    With the help of community or technology you can accomplish much more. If you innovate, you can broaden the scope of your project. Virgo or Virgo Rising The tallest plants in the garden. Reach a little higher and grow a little taller. This might be uncomfortable, but stretch as far as you possibly can. Right now you are driven to succeed.

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    You must climb with ambition. Once you reach the height you are trying to achieve, you can reassess your approach. But for now, push. Libra or Libra Rising Hiking poles offer support. But why not give yourself an extra assist? The best support you can give yourself right now is to be very clear about what you value. When you stumble, your values will be there to remind you to keep going and help you stand tall. Scorpio or Scorpio Rising A big bird in a small tree.

    There are times when you have to test a new environment. Vulnerability, intimacy, self-worth and trust are all ready to be examined. Think about your history of trusting others. The moment is ripe to take a chance on uncertainty. Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising Sorting silverware. Do you really feel like you fit in? Or are you a spoon surrounded by forks? The first step is to stop judging yourself.

    Feel at home with who you are. Then you can look around and decide if these relationships are working. Some rearranging needs to happen so that you can be comfortable in your surroundings. Capricorn or Capricorn Rising A magic wand. Change your daily chores into fun activities. Wave a magic wand and cast a spell that makes your responsibilities fun. Aquarius or Aquarius Rising A marching band. You need an entire marching band to announce your presence. What are you fired up for? Make it fun and creative. Pisces or Pisces Rising A kitten mews.

    Is there a part of you that needs some gentle tender care?

    Celebrity astrologer reveals the biggest fears for every star sign - and how to overcome them

    Slow down and ask yourself if you are lonely or tired. Do you need some kind of physical or emotional sustenance? The outside world can wait. Go within and notice what you need. Aries or Aries Rising A rainbow stretches across the sky. There are a myriad of colors available. A large spectrum of possibilities. Now is the time to consider your options and widen your viewpoint. You may stumble upon a new way of thinking that helps put everything in perspective. Taurus or Taurus Rising A camel in the desert. Set intentions for how you will feel secure. The one thing that is certain is that life is always changing.

    So security is a kind of mirage. What idea or intention will help you feel secure? Is it your self-worth?

    scorpio king inclusive astrology Scorpio king inclusive astrology
    scorpio king inclusive astrology Scorpio king inclusive astrology
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